Really Cool Comic Con returns July 20th 2019

expect 200+ vendors and artists along with 5,000+ in attendance next july!!

how would you like to promote in front of 5,000 people?

get involved

  • Sponsor a celebrity guest or artist. add your logo to the signage directly behind the guest and in all the photos. also include your name. logo, and links within all the online promotion of that celebrity leading up the event.

  • Sponsor a panel room. be promoted for all the free giveaways and all ads promoting the panels online and print media.

  • sponsor the cosplay contest. your logo in the backdrop of all the pictures and videos of the contest and main stage celeb. panels.

  • sponsor the lanyards with your logo (every person, vendor, and artist has your name around their neck all day)

  • sponsor a free family event. set up next by the free video game tournament and be in front of all the FAMILIES in attendance.

  • Sponsor the VIP Ticket experience. con attendees love vip and all the free swag. have your name coincide with all the vip perks.

  • Day of event program full page ads.

  • Day of event swag bags. Add your promo materials into the “gift bags” handed out to all attendees at the ENTRANCE.

  • OR just Sponsor the whole event!! your name all over the millions of impressions of online ads, thousands of flyers, signs and banners all over livingston county. also PROMINENT logo and name placement all over the event.


Email us at for more info or call mike 517-304-6285