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Bill Messner- Loebs

His independent comic 'Journey', about the life of an early 19th century frontierman, commenced publication in 1983. At the same time, he took up jobs inking 'Mr Monster' for Eclipse Comics and working as an artist on 'Grimjack' at First Comics. He then began scripting Comico's 'Johnny Quest' and Sam Kieth's 'Maxx', and did artwork on 'Wastelands' and 'Silverback'. In 1989, he began his creator-owned 'Epicurus The Sage, published by the Piranha Press imprint at DC in 1989. Later on, he created 'Bliss Alley'. He is best remembered for his long run scripting 'Wonder Woman' for Mike Deodato in the mid-1990s and his run on 'Flash'. Other titles he worked on are 'Grendel Saga', 'War Drums', and 'Dr Fate'. Bill has his own studio, called Turning Point Studios.

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David C. Hayes

David C. Hayes is a local Livingston County actor, author and screenwriter. His films, like A Man Called Nereus, Bloody Bloody Bible Camp, Dark Places, The Frankenstein Syndrome, Vampeggedon, Machined, Reborn, Back Woods (and approximately 60 more) can be seen worldwide. He is the author of several novels, collections and graphic novels including The Midnight Creature Feature Picture Show, Cherub, Cannibal Fat Camp, Pegged, American Guignol and Muddled Mind: The Complete Works of Ed Wood, Jr. His graphic novel Rottentail is now a feature film and the mini-series The Rot has debuted to critical acclaim. As a playwright, David's full-length and one-act plays have been produced from coast to coast with a run Off-Broadway for the comedy Swamp Ho and sell-out performances in Phoenix for Dial P for Peanuts. Visit him online at!

Mystic Metalworks Really Cool Comic Con

Amberlie Hutton -

Mystic Metalworks

“Mystic Metalworks is a Michigan based company who sells unique, handcrafted chainmaille and scalemaille oddities.

From hacky sacks to dice bags to tops, we love finding new ways to use our rings and scales.”

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Phillip Maira

Phillip Maira is a comic book writer from Chicago best known for his annual anthology series, Crackle. In between creating stories for the next volume of Crackle, he is writing his first graphic novel. You can view all his comics online for free HERE. Twitter HERE, Instagram HERE

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Ron Jacek

Ron is a local artist who loves to create unusual characters with a subtle sense of humor. Each one is unique and has their own "personality". My artwork has been influenced by artists such as Ed Roth, Berni Wrightson, Mort Drucker and Jack Davis. Instead of formal art training I chose to study and learn from my influences to develop my own technique. My work is highly detailed using marker, pencils and ink pens.

Ron has received numerous awards and recognition from the Agni Gallery in New York, Universal Studios, Michigan State Fair Fine Arts, Motor City Conventions, Wayne County Council for the Arts and the Dearborn Community Arts Council. One of his works was a finalist in the Ralph McQuarrie "Man and Machine" International Art Competition.

Erin Simonson Really Cool Comic Con

Erin Simonson-
Lychens Art Studio

Erin is a self taught Lansing based artist with a flair for the whimsical and spooky. She does both original art and quality prints on interesting things like magnets and coasters. Make sure you stop by and say "Hi" at her booth. Website HERE


Amanda Kessel-Through the Lens

I'm a photographer that when I see something that makes me stop in my tracks I have to take many pictures of it until I get that satisfaction of the perfect shot. I love taking a photo and editing to make the image into something totally different and see the beuty in the darkest places that people will walk by without taking the time to explore an area that may look bleak. The aspects of photogaphy I do are mirror images, horror, abstract fantasy and nature landscapes. Website HERE


Morgan Lees

Morgan Lees is a Michigan-based illustrator, writer, and (most importantly here) creator of the webcomic Corner the Maze. While working on Corner the Maze, Morgan has also been writing a pair of novels set in the same universe. Mostly self taught, Morgan prefers to work in ink, watercolour, or digitally.

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