Bill Messner- Loebs

His independent comic 'Journey', about the life of an early 19th century frontierman, commenced publication in 1983. At the same time, he took up jobs inking 'Mr Monster' for Eclipse Comics and working as an artist on 'Grimjack' at First Comics. He then began scripting Comico's 'Johnny Quest' and Sam Kieth's 'Maxx', and did artwork on 'Wastelands' and 'Silverback'. In 1989, he began his creator-owned 'Epicurus The Sage, published by the Piranha Press imprint at DC in 1989. Later on, he created 'Bliss Alley'. He is best remembered for his long run scripting 'Wonder Woman' for Mike Deodato in the mid-1990s and his run on 'Flash'. Other titles he worked on are 'Grendel Saga', 'War Drums', and 'Dr Fate'. Bill has his own studio, called Turning Point Studios.

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