For 2019 We have expanded the panel room area and we will have some panels in addition to celebrity panels/ Q&A on the main stage in the auditorium. Complete with professional stage, lighting, and DJ.

Schedule times and room locations will be announced closer to July 20th

RC3 - 2019 Panel Announcements

Star Wars : The Fan Stories

A panel where people can share their most stories involving Star Wars. the goal is to show the shared love of the franchise under one roof. The stories can range from the first time they saw Star Wars to their most emotional experience with the films and/or the tv shows. This panel would also give an opportunity for some of the fans to share ideas that they may have for fan films and increase the amount of cooperation between the fans.

The panel itself will be hosted by Matthew Tangeman & Gene Verstreate. Who are local residents of Howell and co-directers, producers, and writers of short films for their YouTube Channel/ T/V Productions.

Creatively Sewing for Cosplay: Fabric, Thread, and Needles

Disfusional Studios’ very own, Ashlee Kalthoff, will be hosting “Creatively Sewing for Cosplay: Fabric, Thread, and Needles”. This Cosplay fueled panel will help guide you through the various types of Fabric, Thread, and Needle combos. When you begin to sew your next project; the number of needle and thread options can feel overwhelming. All thread and needles are designed for different tasks and fabrics. Knowing your fabric is only half the battle. Sewing your next cosplay could be easier with a few more tips and tricks behind your thimble. Join, Ashlee, as she dives creatively into sewing for cosplay. Disfusional Studios will also be hosting a giveaway for all panel attendees.

**Everyone that enter the panel will be given a number/ticket. At the end of the panel; a number/ticket will be drawn. Winner will be given a sewing and cosplay related bundle. Number/Ticket holder must be present at end of panel to win.**

Funko pop & Build a Figure Swap meet

New for 2019 attention all funko pop collectors!! Do you have extra pops you’d like to trade then meet up and swap some pops!!

don't miss out on the Build a figure swap meet to buy/sell/and trade build a figure parts!!

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