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Past Panels from 2019 are below

Noon - 1pm

Samantha Newark (JEM) Panel / Q&A

join us with an interactive panel with the one and only Samantha Newark. Learn about her voice acting experience as the icon JEM from Jem and the holograms. Also learn about her voice acting on the cartoon series transformers. Guests can interact with Q&A and we will have a special give away for VIP guests only!

1pm - 2pm

Star Wars : The Fan Stories

A panel where people can share their most stories involving Star Wars. the goal is to show the shared love of the franchise under one roof. The stories can range from the first time they saw Star Wars to their most emotional experience with the films and/or the tv shows. This panel would also give an opportunity for some of the fans to share ideas that they may have for fan films and increase the amount of cooperation between the fans.

The panel itself will be hosted by Matthew Tangeman & Gene Verstreate. Who are local residents of Howell and co-directers, producers, and writers of short films for their YouTube Channel/ T/V Productions.

2pm - 3pm

Dickey Beer (Boba fett) panel / q&A

join us with an interactive panel with a Star Wars legend dickey beer. learn about all his different roles within the return of the jedi movie. he will be discussing playing the infamous boba fett and other amazing roles. ask questions about his amazing stunt career and anything else. Guests can interact with Q&A and we will have a special give away for VIP guests only!

3pm - 5pm

Cosplay contest for kids, adults, group, and teen

Learn more about the cosplay contest here


11am - noon

From Concept to Cosplay: FEATURING cosplay stompy cat costumes

Join Stompy Cat Costumes for some tips, tricks, and advice on bringing your dream costume to life! From fursuits to armor, learn the process it takes to bring that character in your mind to something you can perform. There will be many costumes brought along, each in a different part of the creative process.

noon - 1pm

League of Enchantment: Cosplay in the Community

Join the League as they share the impact they share stories and experience of the impact they have had reaching out into the community to share their cosplay! This group does amazing outreach to many different areas and we are excited to have them at Really Cool comic Con to share all their amazing work.

1pm - 2pm

Creatively Sewing for Cosplay: Fabric, Thread, and Needles

Disfusional Studios’ very own, Ashlee Kalthoff, will be hosting “Creatively Sewing for Cosplay: Fabric, Thread, and Needles”. This Cosplay fueled panel will help guide you through the various types of Fabric, Thread, and Needle combos. When you begin to sew your next project; the number of needle and thread options can feel overwhelming. All thread and needles are designed for different tasks and fabrics. Knowing your fabric is only half the battle. Sewing your next cosplay could be easier with a few more tips and tricks behind your thimble. Join, Ashlee, as she dives creatively into sewing for cosplay. Disfusional Studios will also be hosting a giveaway for all panel attendees.

**Everyone that enter the panel will be given a number/ticket. At the end of the panel; a number/ticket will be drawn. Winner will be given a sewing and cosplay related bundle. Number/Ticket holder must be present at end of panel to win.**

2pm - 3pm

Tawny Letts cosplay

Creature Fabrication and Costume Q&A.overview of the creatures, costumes, armor and fabrication by tawney letts. followed by an open forum for questions, brainstorming and discussion of how to build your own projects. take advantage of learning and working with someone with so much amazing experience.

3pm - 4pm

KIM SIMMONS : Star Wars packaging photography panel and q&A

Travel to a galaxy far far away with Kim Simmons “the man who shot Luke Skywalker” as he shares amazing images of packaging photography of the vintage and some modern Star Wars action figures. He has a ton of insight, stories, and info about one of the most beloved action figure lines of all time.

4pm - 5pm

Funko pop & Build a Figure Swap meet

New for 2019 attention all funko pop collectors!! Do you have extra pops you’d like to trade then meet up and swap some pops!!

don't miss out on the Build a figure swap meet to buy/sell/and trade build a figure parts!!

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